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What To Look For In A Reliable Roofing Contractor

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Your roof is such a large and important aspect of your building. So, it stands to reason that you want to put any repairs and replacements in the hands of roofers that you can trust. But how easy is it to find a reliable roofing contractor? Below, we have put together a handy guide of things to consider and what to look out for when choosing your roofing specialist.

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Ask For Roofer Recommendations

If a friend, family member, or even a neighbour in your area has had roof work done recently, then why not ask them about their experience? Getting firsthand feedback about local roofing contractors operating in your area can provide you with helpful insight when you begin making enquiries. But remember, the mark of a good roofer isn’t determined simply by whether they were cheapest. Be sure to ask how quick, efficient and supportive they were too. Our team at Dwenger Roofing come highly recommended. Not just because we’re competitively priced, but because our customer service is second-to-none.

Read Reviews for Local Contractors

While not gospel, online reviews are a handy filter for narrowing down your choice of contractors. These can be found on Google, social media, Mybuilder, Trustatrader and many other platforms. Every individual experience will differ, but if you see consistently negative feedback, they may be best avoided.

Look for Accredited & Qualified Roofers

It may seem obvious that working with an accredited or otherwise qualified roofer is sensible. However, many fall victim to a ‘cheap deal’ or a hard sell. The professional, City & Guilds-qualified roofers at Dwenger for example, take pride in delivering quality results, don’t take short cuts and ensure building work is building regs and H&S compliant. You may pay a little more (not always) but you WILL get better value for money. Plus, you also get lengthy product guarantees that protect your roof long-term. If a deal seems too good to be true… it usually is!

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Good Roofers Will Give You A Written Quote

If your roofer is happy to give you a written quotation, then that is a positive sign. A contractor that isn’t willing to provide an estimate in writing could be a red flag. What’s more, with nothing in writing you are not protected against any sudden price increases at a later date. On occasion, final prices CAN vary from first estimate for a number of reasons, including:

  • Discovery of further damage not visible at initial inspection.
  • You decide to change the scope of the project (approved changes).
  • Slight variations to product prices due to market fluctuations.

However, a trustworthy, professional roofing contractor will be transparent and informative throughout the project, so that nothing comes as a nasty surprise. A contractor unwilling to put pen to paper when it comes to costing up your job may be a cowboy, so keep your guard up!

Know How To Spot A Cowboy Roofer

To choose a good roofer, it helps to know how to spot a bad one! The following things could suggest you’re dealing with a cowboy:

  • Not returning your calls when they say they will.
  • There are a lot of questionable reviews online.
  • No reviews or previous projects are available to see.
  • They won’t sign a contract or quote you in writing.
  • They ONLY accept cash payment or want a large sum upfront.
  • They’ll start tomorrow. Roofers are usually busy!

If your gut instinct tells you something is up, then you may be speaking to a cowboy roofer.

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For A Reliable Roofer in Exeter Call Dwenger Roofing!

Our local roofing company comes highly recommended with a wealth of reviews, and has a fully qualified, professional team. We’ll quote you free of charge and provide that quote in writing if requested. We’ll turn up on time and get the job done, keeping you informed throughout. Finally, we’ll offer clear, honest and transparent information from start to finish, all the marks of a reliable roofing contractor. So, if you are looking for roof repairs in Exeter and Devon, why not give us a call on 01392 275 744 for a no-obligation discussion?


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