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Signs You Have A Faulty Roof

broken roof

A faulty roof can be a real problem for a home. As the first line of defence against the elements, roofing should always be in top health to ensure no moisture or debris reaches the interior.

With this in mind, it’s vital that you can identify the warning signs for any faults, so you can address them before they become more severe.

To assist you in this endeavour, we’ve created this guide about what to look out for, so you can ensure your roof stays in good shape.

Common Roof Issues

As roofing specialists, we’re well-versed in the many different faults that can occur within your roof. They’re subject to wear and tear just like any other property feature, but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, damage can occur without anticipation. Here’s a list of common roof signs and repairs you could experience as a property owner.

Broken & Cracked Tiles

Faulty tiles are a very common roof problem. Occasionally, these issues result from weak manufacturing, but mostly due to pests or weather incidents. They’re a simple and fairly quick fix, so as long as you repair them promptly, no further issues should occur moving forward.

Rotten Fascias

Timber is prone to rot over time. This will generally happen sooner than any direct roof faults, but it’s important to keep your fascias in good working order. They provide a barrier from the elements and also hold up your guttering, which plays a vital role in the functionality of your roof.

A Leaking Faulty Roof

Leaks in your roof are bad news. Unfortunately in such a damp country such as the UK, they occur more often than we would like. Whether it’s a fascia, leadwork or tile issue, it’s essential that you consult a professional service to repair the roof fault as soon as possible to avoid further issues.

Gutter Sagging

If a gutter sags, it creates a lack of drainage where debris and water can build up. This not only creates blockages, but it potentially causes a complete gutter failure. The weight of a build-up will eventually break the fittings and require a full replacement. So, we recommend fixing this roof fault quickly to avoid more damage.

Contact Dwenger Roofing Today To Repair A Faulty Roof

If you’re wondering about a fault in your roof, or if you require any of our range of services, then get in touch with Dwenger Roofing. Our staff are fully qualified and experienced in a number of roofing techniques, and we even specialise in leadwork.


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