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When To Get Chimney Repairs

Chimney on house

Is your home in need of chimney repairs? It can be worrying when something on your roof starts to cause problems, especially if you can see the issue from outside. We’ve put together just some of the problems you might encounter with an ageing or troublesome stack. If your property has any of these issues, give Dwenger Roofing a call for a full inspection.

Damaged Brick And Mortar

Over the years, brick and mortar can get brittle and start to crumble. If the masonry is visibly damaged, it’s important to get this fixed right away. It’s always better to get chimney repairs as soon as a problem is seen, as leaving it could incur further damage and higher costs.

These materials can also become victim to efflorescence if there’s a lot of moisture present. This looks like white stains from the outside. It’s important to find out the cause of this and get chimney repairs in order to prevent any more issues.

Damaged Chimney

Chimney Repairs: Leaks

If the chimney on your roof has started leaking, then it’s definitely time to call the professionals. This is a clear sign of weaknesses in the structure, and should be fixed immediately. Without professional help, it can be tricky finding the reason for a fault, so ensure you get in touch with Dwenger Roofing.

There are many preventative materials that have been used to ensure your chimney doesn’t fall victim to rainwater. These need to be maintained well in order for them to last for a long time.

Weak Flashing

The flashing is what protects the joints in a roof, so it’s important that this stays in great shape for the health of your entire roofing system. Over time, this material can start to deteriorate, which could make the property vulnerable to leaks. If you do notice any discolouration or obvious damage, make sure to call Dwenger Roofing.

leadwork on chimney

Broken Chimney Crown

The crown rests near the top of a stack and is sometimes prone to damage. If you can see it has cracked or crumbled, ensure that it recieves chimney repairs as soon as possible. Particularly if there are cracks, water can freeze in these which can cause further expansion. Over time, these weakness can make the structure even more vulnerable.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Reliable Chimney Repairs

If your roof is in need of care, contact Dwenger Roofing for professional, efficient, and affordable maintenance. Check out these signs that you may need roof repairs if you’re experiencing issues with the whole structure. We can help prevent any problems that may occur, and also leave the roof looking great. If you have any questions, simply get in touch with our friendly team now.


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